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Image of 'King Hezekiah' Throw - 2650mm x 1480mm

'King Hezekiah' Throw - 2650mm x 1480mm

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This chunky knit demands royal treatment as a feature in your home. The over-sized scale of our 'King Hezekiah' throw speaks volumes! A functional piece of art. A forever piece, ensured with the highest quality, softness and luxury.

Our knits are handcrafted right here in our small corner of the world, but with extremely large knitting needles, and with an even bigger heart. And muscles.

As this is a handmade piece, it is fair to expect some imperfections. We here at Woollen Collective believe it adds personality to the piece, and can be a little exciting when they begin to reveal themselves. What is more, no two WC knits are the same. One of a kind.

Due to the nature of fine merino wool, great care is a must. By all means, love your throw with all you have, but be aware that a lot of use will cause your throw to pill. This can be maintained with a bit of care.

Australian Super Fine merino
Wool top made from 100% fleece wool
19.5 Microns

Approximately 2650mm x 1480mm

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of your forever piece.

If you require your order before this time, please email us beforehand to ensure we can meet your needs.

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