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WC Knitting Needles


Try your hand at extreme knitting.

Our 'XXL' 'Not big enough' & 'Bigger than your average' Knitting Needles have been designed by Woollen Collective.

We've bought a friend along for the ride. These are handcrafted by the highly skilled Fritz' back there in the shed. He is always pottering around, looking for the next project.

Salvaged from paddocks, cleared bush sites, the neighbours front yard, we make the most of what beautiful Native Australia has to offer.

•XXL Knitting Needles
A big project needs big artillery.

2kg per set
Approx. 1120mm length

•'Not big enough' Knitting needles
Designed for that tighter knit.

1kg a set
Approx. 1000mm length

•'Bigger than your average' Knitting Needles
Especially for our @Minicollective followers. Small hands with big ideas. These are for you!

500gm a set
Approx. 600mm length

Delivery 2-3 weeks.

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